Arrested For Urinating In Public?

After you sober up, it can seem amusing or embarrassing to have been arrested for urinating in public. But having a conviction for that offense on your record can have long-term consequences. Though the actual penalty you incur may not be significant, you may be excluded from certain occupations, particularly those involving children.

If you have received a public urination ticket or been arrested for another alcohol-related crime, you should think twice about pleading guilty. I am J.B. Katz, a defense advocate with extensive experience in so-called “nuisance” crimes such as public urination, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

As your attorney, I can work to minimize the consequences of the charge and if possible, obtain either a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a lesser charge that carries less stigma. After the resolution of your case, I may be able to obtain an expungement or sealing of your record, which can prevent potential employers from learning about the event.

Urinating in Public Case

Bars are a bad place to be especially around closing time. When it comes to closing time, many bars will not let patrons in to use the restroom. When this happens, people will go outside to use the restroom. Police officers are very familiar with the common spots that people will use to relieve themselves. There are many areas where police officers will wait just for this purpose.

A Urinating in Public Case can occur in a number of ways. In addition to this, which county it is can affect what it will resolve as or in other words, whether it will be resolved as a misdemeanor or an infraction. It makes a huge difference what the case will resolve for. For instance, if a Urinating in Public Case resolves for an infraction, then there will be no criminal record for the defendant and the fines will be significantly less. However, if the case is resolved as a misdemeanor, then the person will have to answer for the crime in future job applications. The job application will include the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” This is problematic as a person with Urinating in Public Case and they will have to answer that they have been convicted of a Urinating in Public Case.

Does Public Urination Go on Your Record? – If the M is Circled on Your Promise to Appear then it is a Misdemeanor


Public Urination is a crime that borders between infraction and misdemeanor. Officers will often say to show up to court and pay the fine, however people are often surprised they are

Public Urination citations can be either an infraction or misdemeanor

dealing with a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor will stay on your criminal record. This criminal record is run every time you apply for a job. In addition to that there are many job applications which ask if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or any kind of crime. A conviction for a Public Urination in this since will cause trouble and hinder your ability to get a job.

Whether the public urination will result in a criminal record depends on how you deal with it and how it is charged. Public Urination in California can be charged two ways. It can be charged either as a misdemeanor (which will go on your record) or infraction (which is equivalent of a traffic ticket) which will not go on your record.

Public Urination Laws in California

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