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I started out helping clients in Orange County, however I have since expanded. I help people out in San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles County,.

The decisions you make of who to hire, and how to handle your criminal charges can change the rest of your life. My office will work tirelessly both inside and outside the courtroom in the zealous representation of your case. Whether it be a misdemeanor charge such as retail theft, assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespassing to real property, or even telephone harassment, driving while under the influence, or a traffic violation such as driving with with a suspended or revoked license, driving without insurance, or a felony such as carjacking, possession of a controlled substance, kidnapping or first degree murder.

The attorney can assist you or refer you for assistance if you have a problem that arises out of your criminal case, we need you to make us aware of the help you need. Some of the problems that typically arise:

injury during arrest or incarceration Some of these types of problems we can assist you with. If we cannot represent you directly we can make you aware of other resources. If you have a health problem or a problem with basic social services, tell us. Your attorney and our social worker can refer you to programs and services that might help. In some cases, we can also refer you to agencies that provide emergency assistance with housing, clothing or other needs.

Communicate With Your Attorney

You and your attorney will have a discussion of your case at the first possible opportunity. We make every effort to have this talk with our clients as soon as possible after we are assigned. Remember, the more information you can provide to us about your case, the more effective the defense will be.
Tell us if you want us to send you copies of any court papers in your case. Many court papers have information that you may want to keep private, so we will not mail them unless you ask us to.
Your attorney will set up office appointments to discuss the case and to inform you of any developments. If you are in jail, communicating with you will be more difficult. Your attorney will make every effort to speak with you on the days that you are in court, or arrange to see you where you are being held.

Under the law there are certain decisions concerning your criminal case that only you can make. These decisions are:

How to plead, guilty or not guilty. Your lawyers will provide you with legal advice to help you make this decision by telling you what they know about the prosecutor’s case, outlining legal defenses, and strategizing with you about the possible results of each choice.
Whether or not to testify. As the Constitution says, you have the right to remain silent. However, you can waive this right and decide to testify if your case involves a grand jury, a pre-trial hearing, or a trial. Your lawyers will assist you in your decision making, but the final decision is yours.

Whether or not to have a jury or a judge decide your case. You have a Constitutional right to a trial by jury, except on very low level crimes. You can, however, waive this right and have your case tried by a judge. Again, your team will help you decide by explaining the issues in the case and the evidence that may be presented, but it’s your decision.
Although there are certain strategic decisions in your case that your lawyers are responsible for making, your involvement and input are extremely important and you should be an active participant in the decision making process.

Even if you are in jail, you have a right to be present whenever any important event in your case happens in court. If you are in jail, you will be brought to court by the Sheriff’s Department. If for any reason the Sheriff’s Department fails to bring you to court, we will make certain that no important event occurs in your absence.

Need Our Help In The Future?

Call us in the future if you need us. Remember, we are here for you. If you are ever arrested again, or if you hear that the police want to question you about a crime, you must CALL US RIGHT AWAY. From the moment you call us, we will do everything possible to protect your rights.

If you are on probation or parole, call us right away if any problems arise. We might be able to resolve the conflict before it becomes more serious.

If our office represented you on a case for which you were placed on probation and if you are charged with a violation of that probation, CALL US! We will represent you in any violation of probation proceedings.

If you are arrested for a new crime while on parole and you are charged with a parole violation, we will represent you. That is why it is very important that you call us right away if you are re-arrested and are therefore charged with a parole violation.
We believe in continuing representation. Just because the court case is over doesn’t mean that your case is over with us. Please call us if you ever need our help again
We care about our clients, take all calls and work hard to make sure you get a successful stress-free solution to your legal problems. With convenient locations and affordable payment plans, we will help you get a fresh start.

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