Best Free Directory Submission Site List 2020: India

High DA Free Directory Submission Sites list of 2020

Get to Know the Uses of Directory Submission

Submitting your website into a high pr Free directory submission sites helps you in increasing your page ranking. They help you increase your online popularity by spreading links to your website. This will then create more traffic. Given how simple and for all intents and purposes easy the procedure of directory submission is, lets jump in the trend and submit your site to a free directory submission sites as soon as possible.

There are number of benefits of directory submission. One of the main benefits of directory submission is highly quality back links. All the search engines consider the number of back links you have. Directory submission will give your website the required back links. You cannot find any other easier method to build links for your website.

Business owners and SEO experts alike recognize the importance of directory submissions for increased traffic and sales. It is one of the most affordable SEO options available and offers great opportunities for business promotion. In fact, it is one of the most important factors to consider when developing your business’s internet marketing strategy. When you use directory submissions to increase traffic to your site, you will notice that your search engine ranking increases; and as your ranking increases, so will the amount of traffic on your site.

What is directory submission in SEO?

1) Get quality and safe backlinks:

Most blog directories are manually supervised for any wrong submissions. Hence, these sites are spam free and are a potential source of building SEO friendly backlinks. Some blog directories also provide dofollow backlinks. Imagine what benefit can getting the 10 dofollow backlinks from 10 submissions have on your blogs ranking in the SERPs.

2) Getting massive exposure:

Let’s face it. Your audience is the key to your blog’s existence. You have your own set of audience from a particular demographic region. How about crossing those limits and getting seen by an even larger audience.

Blog directories display your site for every related search query on their database. That means more chances of getting noticed by audiences that would otherwise have no idea on your blog.

3) Chances of getting review requests or paid post opportunities:

Some web directories are so active and because these directories are popular and usually have quality blog submissions these are the best (and easiest) places for businesses to look for paid review postings.

Since you are a member of these directories your website is visible to these brands. The chances are higher you get business opportunities from them like sponsored reviews or banner advertisements on your blog.

4) Increase in blog’s overall earnings:

Considering the above facts, we can say that submitting your blog to directories can help you in getting review requests. Moreover, they increase chances of your blog getting discovered so you have an increased audience base.

An increase in audience is directly proportional to increase in earnings through any monetization method

you have set up on your blog.

How to do Directory Submission for SEO?

Now that we know what blog directories are and how they can help us in blogging, not signing up would be a mistake. So here are some simple steps to get your site submitted to various blog directories and make backlinks.


We saw the how directory submissions are vital, along with the right & the wrong way to do them. We also went through some major directories that are still loved by Google and saw why all so-called Autobot tools are not worth it. Lastly, we offered a helping hand to get the submissions done the right way with Egochi services.

Hope you had a good read and loved the information provided here. If yes, then don’t forget to share and comment. If you have any questions, we welcome them, simply post them below.

What is directory submission?

Directory Submission is the process of submitting your website links or URLs in the directories. The directory can be web directory or blog directory. This process is used to get the backlink.

Directory submission gives you backlinks and it can increase your traffic in your site and you can submit your site “TITLE, DESCRIPTION, TAGS AND purpose ” so u can get more and more backlinks. And tons of free directory submission site are available.

What are the best free directories to list a website?

Depends on your site category. There different directories for different business areas. But why you need this? Directories are useless now. Also if you add your site to free directories do you think it will help your rankings? It is free, lots of sites in there, also spammy ones.

What are the most popular free online directories?

There are lots of free business directories as one of the easiest ways to improve SEO for your website and get your brand in front of an online audience is to add your business to local online directories.

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